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The Craic was 90 in Yass  

Just back today after a wonderful weekend at the Irish and Celtic Music Festival in Yass NSW where I performed all my own song to a tremendous reception and received some lovely and very positive feedback from people. My good friend Mark McNeilly helped me deliver my songs to very appreciative audiences and I must admit a couple of drinks were taken :-)  "Never give up on your dreams" was one of the more popular songs with people. I performed my little show for the first time where I show an image and then tell they story before singing the song to connect all three, and it was very well received and people really connected which is what I was hoping for. 

A big thank you to all the organisers and volunteers without whom any festival would never be possible. To our hosts Peter and Chris Rose who put us up over the weekend and the local Taxi driver who ferried us around to keep us away from the constabulary, thank you too. 

See you next year at Yass for the Craic! 

Australian Celtic Male Artist of the year 2018

Australian Celtic Male Artist of the year 2018

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